Team Jobs

Here are the positions we currently need filled! Please consider helping us to build this team stronger.

4-5 Blog Authors to post the following posts
-Post weekly/monthly/ or on occasion depending on the column. If you accept a post and know you will not be able to make your post for a specific week please contact Email Heather .

*Totally Local Tuesday!
-Write an article including photos about a local upcoming event, exhibition, fair, restaurant, class, etc of your choosing. Include any links to off-site information.
-Post your article anytime every Tuesday

*Wordless Wednesday!
-Post a wordless post including a photo, multiple photos, audio, or video of something interesting or craft/local/etsy related
-post your article anytime every Wednesday.

*Mini-post Thursday!
-a quick one paragraph post linking to something useful to other members, ie: Photo tutorials, storque articles
-Post your article anytime every Thursday.

*Feature Friday
-Write a post featuring a members item, why you like it, why it is unique, etc. Include a photo of the product and a link to the members shop.
-Post your article anytime every Friday.

*Monthly Giveaway
-ask other members to donate an item for the monthly giveaway and pick up or have the item dropped off to you either in your free time or at a team meeting. Post photo of the item and what members must submit to enter the drawing. Decide weather the item will be given to the winner at an event or meeting.
-Post the winner of the previous giveaway, terms of the new giveaway, a photo and instructions on how to enter on the last day of the month every month.

We need members to join the following teams.

Marketing/Art Team
-graphic designers
-people to post fliers
-people to contact indiv. and businesses to hold craft fairs or carry VC Handcrafted products

Event Team
-decide on venues for events
-work with marketing/art team to increase awareness of the event
-Set up at events
-Be the face of the team at events

Communications team
-post twitter updates
-post facebook updates
-find followers and friends on both
-social networking

Community Outreach Team
-Set up volunteer events
-Set up charity fund raising events
-set up crochet/knit/sew-a-thons to benefit the homeless of Ventura County.
*the crochet/knit/sew-a-thon will happen once a year and will entail recruiting indiv. to make hats, scarves or gloves for the team to pass out to the homeless in Ventura County. This event will start signing up indiv. in the community for a specific number of items around July 1st the due date for the items will be on Sep.4th in order to get the hats/gloves/scarves out to the needy before it gets very cold

At our first meeting on Saturday June 12th we will all get to know each other. At the end of the meeting we will hold nominations for a treasurer and a secretary.

IF YOU CAN HELP PLEASE e-mail VCHandcrafters@gmail.comr


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